At LifeFlight Eagle the Communications Center is where all of our flight requests originate. The Communications Specialist must answer the incoming call then discern the facts about patient location, destination, and status. They must then alert the flight team to respond. Once the aircraft is airborne, the Communications Specialist must relay the specifics of patient condition and the landing zone by radio to the flight team. Follow up telephone calls are made to the requesting parties updating the aircraft’s arrival time and confirming landing zone details. Once the patient is in flight to the receiving hospital, arrangements must be made to notify the hospital staff of the aircraft’s arrival and secure the landing zone. The Communication Specialist must then communicate with the flight team while they fly back to their base and await the next request for service. At each leg of the journey, the Communication Specialist monitors the aircraft’s location, speed, and altitude on special computer monitors much like the GPS in one’s car. If at any time a problem arises, the Communications Specialist is there to request additional resources, coordinate with emergency services agencies, and ensure the safety of the patient and flight team.

To accomplish all this, the Communications Specialist must possess some very special skills. In addition to extensive computer skills, they must be able to understand medical terminology, have an innate sense of direction and ability to read maps, and be able to multi-task. They must maintain situational awareness of the location and status of five aircraft as well as the communications center itself.

At the same time the Communications Specialist must use creative thinking and problem solving skills to anticipate the needs of the flight team thereby initiating their logistical needs. They must be able to coordinate all activities with the flight teams, mechanics, and management staff. All this while displaying an unwavering sense of calm in the face of chaos!

Our Communications Specialists are on top of their game and very proficient with all they do. They never know exactly what is going to happen each day or what to expect in any moment.

LifeFlight Eagle is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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