LifeFlight Eagle will provide emergent medical transport services to its members under the following terms and conditions:

  • The membership benefits are for me (primary member), my spouse or domestic partner, my dependent children and persons who are permanent residents of my household, not to include roomers or boarders.
  • Emergent medical transports are based on medical necessity and transportation of the patient to the closest, medically appropriate facility as requested by a physician or medical professional.
  • Availability of service cannot always be guaranteed due to weather conditions, geographic restraints, patient size limitations, maintenance, or commitment to another patient transport.
  • LifeFlight Eagle membership covers transport on LifeFlight Eagle air ambulances and LifeFlight Eagle critical-care ground ambulances only. 
  • LifeFlight Eagle provides the Children’s Mercy helicopter, and Children’s Mercy helicopter transport is covered by LifeFlight Eagle membership. However, Children’s Mercy ground ambulance and airplane transports are not covered. 
  • LifeFlight Eagle will not be responsible for payment for service provided by another ambulance service.
  • New member benefits take effect seven business days after LifeFlight Eagle’s receipt of a completed enrollment form with payment.
  • LifeFlight Eagle reserves the right to directly bill the member’s insurance, benefits provider(s) and any appropriate third party for LifeFlight Eagle services. 
  • Members transfer directly to LifeFlight Eagle their rights to insurance, benefit provider(s) or other third-party payments due to them for LifeFlight Eagle services.
  • Members agree to remit within 10 business days to LifeFlight Eagle all payment(s) received from insurance, benefit provider(s) or any third-party for LifeFlight Eagle services, including settlements related to or as a result of the condition that required the transport of the patient. Any such payments shall not exceed LifeFlight Eagle’s regular charges.
  • Membership purchases are non-refundable.
  • LifeFlight Eagle is not an insurance company. LifeFlight Eagle’s membership program is not an insurance, and cannot be considered as a secondary insurance coverage or supplement to any insurance coverage.

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In case of an emergency, always call 911.

LifeFlight Eagle acts in response to an attending physician, ground ambulance team, fire and/ or police department representative. These authorities will determine if LifeFlight Eagle emergency air transportation is medically appropriate. When contacted, LifeFlight Eagle responds while the on-site physicians, nurses and EMS professionals continue their care for the patient.

Membership Terms & Conditions