LifeFlight Eagle is currently seeking qualified applicants for full-time and part-time Critical-Care Transport/Flight Nurse and Critical-Care Transport/Flight Paramedic positions within our organization.

LifeFlight Eagle is a 501(c3) non-profit organization that provides life-saving critical-care transport for critically ill and injured patients in Kansas and Missouri communities surrounding Kansas City.

Our roots date back to 1978, when Saint Joseph Hospital in Kansas City launched the Spirit of Saint Joseph LifeFlight program, which was the fifth civilian helicopter ambulance program in the country (learn about LifeFlight Eagle’s history).

The LifeFlight Eagle system now includes four helicopters based in Chillicothe, Odessa, Clinton and Harrisonville, Mo., and will soon add ground critical-care transport capabilities.

Click here to learn about required qualifications, certifications, and licensure.

To apply, send your CV/resume, cover letter, and documentation of certifications and licensure to: [email protected].

LifeFlight Eagle is an Equal Opportunity Employer.