As a non-profit helicopter ambulance program, LifeFlight Eagle responds to hundreds of traumatic vehicle accidents in rural communities surrounding Kansas City each year. Many of them happen on Missouri’s roadways. We see first-hand the devastating consequences that result when drivers’ careless behavior results in injury or death to themselves, their passengers, or other motorists.

More than 90 percent of fatal accidents on Missouri’s roadways can be attributed to human factors. Whether caused by aggressive, distracted or impaired drivers, the consequences are compounded when drivers and passengers are not properly restrained.

We want to help change that. Funded in part through a Destination Safe grant program, LifeFlight Eagle is producing a series of short videos to encourage safe driving behaviors. You can help by sharing these videos when you see them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and elsewhere.

Most importantly, do your part to help by setting an example: Always buckle up. Put your phone down. Never drive impaired. Don’t be in a hurry. And for those with kids in your car, remember they watch your every move and will learn their driving behavior from you.

Together we can saveMoLives.

Learn more:

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Destination Safe 


YouTube Videos:

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Distracted Drivers Go Flying:

Impaired Drivers Go Flying: 

High Drivers Go Flying:

Speeding Drivers Go Flying: 

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