The National Transportation Safety Board has released an advisory regarding Meteorological Evaluation Towers (METs). These towers are installed to gather wind data from areas that may be used for wind development projects. The towers are generally less than 200 feet tall and are typically not lit or marked well.

These factors can make them difficult to see from the air and can pose a danger to helicopters during the landing and takeoff portions of flights. The towers are often temporary and are erected overnight, making them hard to track.

LFE Safety Network will provide training for EMS agencies and hospitals

LifeFlight Eagle is broadening its safety efforts by launching the LifeFlight Eagle Safety Network, an effort to extend our safety practices to the EMS agencies and hospitals we work with every day.

LifeFlight Eagle Safety Coordinator, Joe Coons, said the Safety Network program is striving to ensure the EMS agencies and hospitals we work with are all on the same page when it comes to aviation and patient safety.