As a non-profit helicopter ambulance program, LifeFlight Eagle responds to hundreds of traumatic accidents in rural communities surrounding Kansas City each year. Many of those happen on Missouri’s roadways. We see first-hand the devastating consequences that result when drivers’ careless behavior results in injury or death to themselves, their passengers, or other motorists.

More than 90 percent of fatal accidents on Missouri’s roadways can be attributed to human factors. Whether caused by aggressive, distracted or impaired drivers, the consequences are compounded when drivers and passengers are not properly restrained.

That’s why LifeFlight Eagle has partnered with Destination Safe and the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety to create a campaign to improve awareness and encourage safe behaviors when on Missouri roads.

Watch for our series of videos that will be published in the next few weeks. Like them, share them, tag your loved ones, comment with your stories. The more we engage around these topics, the more people will see them and the more lives we can save.

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This video campaign is made possible in part by a grant program through the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety and Destination Safe.