Hi everyone, my name is Leslie Bonci. I am a registered dietitian, sports dietitian, Pittsburgh native, and owner of Active Eating Advice by Leslie Bonci, Inc.

LeslieJBonciI have been in this field for almost forty years (#FossilFuel) and work with real people, as well as surreal people (like your Kansas City Chiefs).

I'm in my ninth season as sports dietician for the Kansas City Chiefs, and was the sports dietitian for the Pittsburgh Steelers for 24 years. I have worked with Olympic athletes, baseball teams, hockey teams, university athletes, fire fighters, police officers, the military, and health care professionals as well as those working construction.

My goals are to help my clients and audiences to be fit, fed and fearless with realistic, achievable strategies that work with schedules, food preferences, budget, and culinary ability. Food is only good if we actually eat it, right?

Nutrician is especially important for those in emergency services. Whether in fire or EMS, law enforcement, or working in an ER or ICU, you face challenges to healthy eating. Despite these obstacles of shift work, irregular schedules, and challenges of finding good food when you are on the run, there are ways to get healthy fueling goals done. I am going to be sharing tips as I inform on the blog platform on how to eat well to be your best.

This does not mean eating perfectly, food shaming, or choosing foods you don’t like, but instead finding ways to strategize to optimixe. Join along for the ride!