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Information needed for interfacility transport

The only required piece of information necessary to complete a patient transfer is the completed EMTALA form.The following information is useful, but not needed to facilitate a transport:

  • Patient demographics/face sheet
  • pertinent lab results
  • radiology studies
  • 12-Lead ECG if completed

When is it appropriate to utilize a helicopter?

LifeFlight Eagle encourages the use of the attached Helicopter Early Launch Process Guidelines and Air Medical Transport Utilization Guidelines adopted by the Missouri SAC air ambulance subcommittee.LifeFlight Eagle is also available for air-standby. Air-standby means LifeFlight Eagle will head towards the scene/hospital where a potential patient is, and if air ambulance is not needed, LifeFlight Eagle will return to base with no cost to the patient or requesting agency.Trauma Triage Protocols: LifeFlight Eagle will transport trauma patients to the closest, most-appropriate trauma center based on the attached CDC 2011 Guidelines for Field Triage of Injured Patients. LifeFlight Eagle encourages the use of these guidelines when determining the necessity to utilize air transport of your patient.

Preparation of the Patient

Preparation of the patient: LifeFlight Eagle will arrive at the scene or at patient bedside, and then transfer the patient over to our aircraft sled. If able and time allows, place the patient on a sheet or device that will allow easy movement of the patient to the aircraft sled. The LifeFlight Eagle crew will secure all patient belongings and speak with the patient to let them know the process, and may ask for your assistance to load the patient in the helicopter.Patient Consent Form: The LifeFlight Eagle crew will have the patient sign a consent form. If the patient is unable to sign, the crew will have the patient’s designated family member or other representative sign the form.LifeFlight Eagle strives to minimize the time at the patient bedside (prior to transport) or at a scene to expedite patient transport to tertiary facility. Patient safety and providing the highest quality critical care is our most important mission. That includes making a thorough patient assessment, carefully moving the patient and transferring all medical equipment and medications to LifeFlight Eagle equipment.

For interfacility transfers, it is helpful to have the patient in a gown, jewelry removed, and belongings gathered and packaged (given to a family member if possible).

Introducing blogger Leslie Bonci, Sports Dietician for the Kansas City Chiefs


Hi everyone, my name is Leslie Bonci. I am a registered dietitian, sports dietitian, Pittsburgh native, and owner of Active Eating Advice by Leslie Bonci, Inc.

LeslieJBonciI have been in this field for almost forty years (#FossilFuel) and work with real people, as well as surreal people (like your Kansas City Chiefs).

I’m in my ninth season as sports dietician for the Kansas City Chiefs, and was the sports dietitian for the Pittsburgh Steelers for 24 years. I have worked with Olympic athletes, baseball teams, hockey teams, university athletes, fire fighters, police officers, the military, and health care professionals as well as those working construction.

My goals are to help my clients and audiences to be fit, fed and fearless with realistic, achievable strategies that work with schedules, food preferences, budget, and culinary ability. Food is only good if we actually eat it, right?

Nutrician is especially important for those in emergency services. Whether in fire or EMS, law enforcement, or working in an ER or ICU, you face challenges to healthy eating. Despite these obstacles of shift work, irregular schedules, and challenges of finding good food when you are on the run, there are ways to get healthy fueling goals done. I am going to be sharing tips as I inform on the blog platform on how to eat well to be your best.

This does not mean eating perfectly, food shaming, or choosing foods you don’t like, but instead finding ways to strategize to optimixe. Join along for the ride!

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